Log Parser


Log Parser Lizard  v.1.0

Log Parser Lizard is a highly technical tool and it is especially for ASP and .Net programmers' user. This tool is completely free and it is highly useful for development teams.

Log Parser QL  v.1.4

Log Parser QL is free, easy to install and extremely flexible data analysis tool.


NAMD Log Parser  v.1.1

NAMD Log Parser is a GUI-based Java software that sorts through the log file generated by NAMD and extracts energy information to export to a graphing program. The data is exported as a tab-delimited text file with a CSV extension.

UPSD Log Parser  v.0.13

UPSD Log Parser (ulp) monitors the messages sent by upsd to syslogd.

Wow Log Parser  v.1.29

Wow Log Parser is a combat log parser for the game World of Warcraft.

Quake 3 Arena Console Log Parser  v.2

Code engine for parsing Quake 3 Arena console log files to produce player statistics.

DShield Universal Firewall Parser  v.1.0.30

This program is a universal DShield.org firewall log parser. The software will parse firewall logs from a number of personal firewall programs. The logs can be sent to DShield.org for analysis and correlation. At the DShield.org Web site,

XpoLog Center  v.5.0

XpoLog log data analysis platform is an advanced data processing systems for log data, applications and cloud infrastructure. XpoLog help to quickly collect parse and index massive volume of log data. No agents, tags or changes are required.

Advanced Combat Tracker  v.

Advanced Combat Tracker is a combat oriented log parser for EverQuest II. The main focus of the program is to capture as much information about an encounter as possible and display that information in a meaningful way.

Chrono-Stats  v.1.0

Chrono-Stats is a Half-Life:Counter-Strike log parser.

PLogPy  v.

Postfix Log Parser in Python is a log analysis tool written in python language to get statistic reports and detect anomalous behaviours on a mail server based on Postfix and Cyrus

Log Viewer Plus  v.1.1.0

Viewing log files through a text editor takes a lot of time and patience. Log Viewer Plus is specifically designed to help you view your log files. It handles basic tasks like colour coding log entries and more complex tasks like merging log files.

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